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Praesent vestibulum molestie lacus. Aenean nonummy hendrerit mauris. Phasellus porta. Fusce suscipit varius mi.

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We know that the advice Aaron has given here is quite correct, there is no need to ‘go for it’. Most of us have plenty of shots to spare on our handicaps, so use them! Play the correct club to give you an easier shot in to the green is the way to go, not from behind a tree or out of deep rough! For your information, the back nine holes, off the competition tees (whites) have different tees; therefore the distances to the green will be different. The general play tees (yellow) will be the same as the front nine. Aaron played off the white pots so for general play (yellow pots) please see the score card for distances.

The club would like to thank Aaron for his input.

For lessons from Aaron please see ‘Professional section’.


Download a score card here.


Course Overview

Pastures Golf Club is built on undulating meadow land. It is not a long course and does not have any ‘real’ hills so can be played by most golfers. Every hole is tree lined with fairly narrow fairways which could make your game ‘interesting’. One small pond on the third hole and a few bunkers scattered around the course also help to keep you focussed. With that in mind, the course can be as easy or hard as you wish to make it.


Aaron Holtom a PGA Professional from Morley Hayes played nine holes and this is his opinion and advice.

  • Hole 1

    Opening hole, par 4, 311 yards. Intimidating tee shot especially for first shot off the day, out of bounds all down left and tree lined down the right. Take the bunkers out of play and choose club to hit short of bunkers. Uphill, at least 1 club difference because of upslope possibly two, also it’s a slight hanging lie meaning the ball will tend to curve left to right and for all right handers that will take off even more distance. (Managed a 2 putt par)

  • Hole 2

    Second hole, short par 3, 146 yards. Looks easy but very small green and raised green makes it a very tough up and down if you miss the green. The best option is to aim left side of the green, as it will kick down from the right. This hole is very uphill; adding at least 1 club on, if there is any wind then it’s two clubs. Looking back from the green you can see it is very much downhill and you would have to hit at least two clubs less from green to tee when compared to tee to green. (Managed a 2 putt par)

  • Hole 3

    Third hole, par 3, 209 yards. Plays very long. I would say if you struggle to hit this green in one then play it as a 2 shot to hit the green and chance of a 1 putt for par. Don’t overstretch yourself hitting driver as there is not a lot of room. (2-putt par)

  • Hole 4

    Fourth hole, par 4, 310 yards. Very intimidating I would advise hitting a club that goes 200 to leave a wedge for anyone under 18 handicap on average. Driver would not be what I advise as it is so narrow any kind of bad shot and you are going to be chipping out sideways. (I pulled wedge into bunker, good bunker shot but couldn’t sink a 6 footer, currently 1 over)

  • Hole 5

    Fifth hole, par 4, 331 yards. (Dog leg) Very well laid out hole, 170‘ish to the corner, no need to hit driver for anyone over 13 handicap, play to the corner with iron or hybrid and then hit towards elevated green. Making sure you add on at least one club to the distance. This strategy will not make lots of birdies but it will reduce the chance of any higher than a 6 with a 5 the most common score on your scorecard for the hole. For anyone on fire with the driver 10 handicappers and below by definition, if you are comfortable fading the ball this is an easy birdie opportunity. (I managed a very good fade with driver around the corner to 30 yards pitch and one putt makes a birdie back to level par)

  • Hole 6

    Sixth hole, par 3, 217 yards. One of the best par threes you will find anywhere in Derbyshire. This would always be my dad’s nightmare hole when he would play pastures and I’m sure some of the members know what I’m talking about. Regardless of who you are (excluding juniors under the age of 14) do not hit driver on this hole! If you cannot hit the green with a 3 wood or less they lay up and hit the green in two and have a putt for a par. With this strategy you should never make more than a 4 on this hole. If you try and hit driver and don’t hit it correctly you are staring at a double bogey at least. Don’t get greedy play to your strengths and know your weaknesses. (Into the wind I hit a good 3 wood into the centre of the green, left my first putt woefully short, but walked away with a par, still level)

  • Hole 7

    Seventh hole, par 3, 201 yards. Downhill, but not short! I didn’t have much to say about this hole and it looked straight forward, that was until I sliced my ball into the trees on the right!!I would say that the wind played a part as the tee was in cover off the wind and I underestimated how strong it was. (I hit a good chip and then again left my putt just short, the cardinal sin of golf. That’s a bogey back to 1 over)

  • Hole 8

    Eighth hole, par 4, 344 yards. Another tree lined hole, again I would say hitting the fairway is a must. If you hit it slightly left or right you have to be very lucky to not be stuck behind a tree. So I hit driver and putt it into the trees on the right (us pros aren’t perfect). I managed to slice a 5 iron around a tree with a quarter swing and it managed to find the green. (Two putt par, after that drive I’m quite happy)

  • Hole 9

    Ninth hole, par 4, 410 yards. Hardest hole on the course 400 yards, which would mean 250-yard drive, would leave 150 in. In the summer that is very doable for a lot of people under 18 handicap. For anyone over 12 handicap and for some under, a 5 is not a bad score at all, so play it as a par 5, take a 3 wood or hybrid off the tee and lay up for your second with a 5 wood, this will only leave you between 10 and 40 yards in for your third shot which most of you will be able to do with ease. For the big hitters, the best shot would be a fade with driver, this left me 100 yards in. The approach is sneakily uphill so makes sure you have one club more due to the hole being higher than your feet. (I hit a good wedge but story of the day left my birdie putt short, when will I learn).